Kathie Bowen Artist Reception

Thursday, June 233:00—4:30 PMWheaton J. Lane RoomLane Memorial Library2 Academy Ave, Hampton, NH, 03878

Please join us on  Thursday, June 23rd, 3 pm for an artist's reception of artist Kathie Bowen.

Artist Bio:

Stone Soup: Tiny Weathered Things
Stone Soup art begins with a walk on the beach, searching the rubble along the shoreline, looking for a story. An odd shaped rock, a broken shell, a piece of litter or sea glass … each piece has a story to tell and each story begins with its weathering: how it's tumbled by the sea, baked by the sun or dropped by a seagull.

Sometimes the story shouts, "Look at me! Look at me!" and it's easy to tell because it has whimsical colors and light that reveal a girl with a balloon. Or perhaps the story is dark with history and suggests a slow dance from a long ago era.

The best treasures are the hidden stories, the whisper that's gone before it's caught, the unformed, the ordinary, the overlooked. Until the sun catches it just right, or it's upended to look at something showier. Suddenly it gets a second look and a pause before it's slipped into a pocket, hopefully to reveal itself later on the worktable. Like a chipped shard of pottery that becomes a brave hearted warrior. Or a worm-eaten piece of shell that becomes the face of a woman hailing a taxi.

At the heart of Stone Soup art is imagination and artist Kathie Lord Bowen grew hers at an early age while going 'down rivah' on her family's boat, exploring the shorelines of Plum Island's Sandy Point, Grape Island and Crane's Beach. A long-time Hampton resident and a writer at heart, she's delighted to have found a new way to tell stories.

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